Fax Issue Troubleshooting Guide

1. Check your fax scenario and your problem phenomenon.

  • Inbound fax or outbound fax?
  • Fax to Fax machine or Fax to Email?
  • How is your device connection with Fax machine and PBX/Gateways?


Refer to the Typical Fax Scenario Connection we support.


2. Check your fax settings according to your scenario.

  • S-Series



  • U-Series




3. Refer to the common causes and cases:

  • Fax detection: 

Fax to Email Failure - Caused by the Improper TX Volume

Fax Receiving Failure on TA100 when Registered to U100 - Improper Fax Detection Settings on U100

  • Codec:

T.38 Outbound Fax Failure - The Provider doesn't Fully Support T.38 Fax

  • Compatibility:

Outbound Fax Failure - Caused by the Codec Negotiation Failure


4. Log Capture

If the above 3 steps could not help fix your issue, try to capture and post us the logs with the problem description in Step 1.

The logs we need: Fax Issue Log Caputre

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