How to Upload or Record Custom Prompts?


The default voice prompts and announcements in the system are suitable for almost every situation. However, you may want to use your own voice prompt to make it more meaningful and suitable for your case. In this case, you need to upload a custom prompt to the system or record a new prompt and apply it to the place you want to change.

Go to Settings > PBX > Voice Prompts > Custom Prompts to record and upload custom prompts.

Recording Custom Prompts

1. Click Record New, and the following picture appears.

 record new prompt.png

2. Specify the prompt Name.

3. Select the Extension to receive the call from the PBX, and make the record on the phone.

4. Click Record, the system will call the extension.

5. Pick up the call from the extension and start to record following by the prompt.

6. When you finish and save the record, the recorded file will be listed on the Custom Prompt page.

Uploading Custom Prompts

1. Click Upload, the following picture appears.

upload a prompt.png

2. Click Browse to choose a file from your local PC.

3. Click Upload to start upload the file.

4. When done, you can see the file listed on the Custom Prompt page.

 Note: the music file name should not contain special characters, and the file format should be WAV:

  • gsm 6.10  8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/s
  • alaw/ulaw 8kHz, Mono, 1Kb/s
  • pcm 8kHz,Mono,16Kb/s

 How to Convert Audio File Format?

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    how many audios can I upload?

  • 0

    Is there a capacity to store a large number and audios?

    Edited by Alesia
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    Hello Alesia,


    We don't limit the number of audios files you can upload. The capacity of the audio files depends on the capacity of your Yeastar S PBX devices. There is a default on board flash (4GB for S20 and S50; 8GB for S100 and S300), technically, more then half of these capacity can be used for audio.

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    can I record a custom message using the phone and the service code? (es. *77 for recording and *99 to liste to it)


    Claudio N.

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    Hello Claudio,


    It is not supported to use the phone to record the custom message for the current stage. 

    I notice an article that might related to your question, please take for reference:

    Note: This article is for MyPBX Series only.

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    Hi Yeastar support team... 

    I am using Yeastar S50 and I have uploaded 32 custom prompts and the system says "Reached the maximum item limit. Please delete some items first before adding"

    Above you say "We don't limit the number of audios files you can upload" 

    Is there some way to increase this number using SSH and instructions like this document?

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    Hi Brett, the article only applies to the U-Series. So it would not work. Sorry that the old article doesn't mention the applicability scope. Not sure if you can delete some old files. 

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    Could I request this as a future software upgrade please? Do I need to lodge this request as an official change request?

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