How to Use Phone to Change IVR Prompts on MyPBX

Sometimes we need to use the phone to record the IVR prompt temporarily suppose that you are in the Airport that you could not login the MyPBX web page to upload the custom prompts.
In this guide, we introduce to record new IVR prompt on your handset and replace the default with the new one temporarily.

Extension number: 2019
Extension Default Password:2019
IVR number:660
MyPBX IP Address:
Tested firmware version: xx.19.0.48&xx.20.0.21

Change Prompt on a Handset
1.Dial *2 to enter voicemail on your handset.
2.Enter the access password.(2019#)
3.Press 0 for Mailbox Options. You will then be given the choice of what type of message you want to record.
4.Press 4 to record your Temporary Greetings.
5.After recorded, press # to finish the record.
6.Hangup the handset.

Settings on MyPBX:
Download the putty:
1.Enable the SSH service in MyPBX (System<LAN setting< SSH enabled)

2.Enter Yeastar devices server IP and SSH port(default is 8022)

3.Login the SSH with username/password: root/ys123456

4.Go to the path: /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf to copy the context[Local_Default_CallingRules]
(1)Executive the command: vi /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

(2)Using “/Local_Default_CallingRules” to find the context [Local_Default_CallingRules].

(3)Find the Context [Local_Default_CallingRules] and copy the lines under this context

(4)Press “ESC” “:” “wq!”

5.Go to the path: /persistent/custom-cfg to define the customized file
(1)Enter the command: cd /persistent/custom-cfg
(2)Enter the command: vi extensions_custom.conf

(3)Press“i” key to enter the edit mode, and then copy the lines in step 4(3)

(4)Add the lines:
include = voicechange
exten = 888999,1,Playback(beep)
exten = 888999,2,Wait(1)
exten = 888999,3,System(cp /persistent/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/voicemail/default/2019/temp.WAV /persistent/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/record/voicetest.WAV)
exten = 888999,4,Hangup
If the extension is 100, you need to change the 2019 to 100.

(5)Press “ESC” “:” “wq!”
(6)Executive the command: mypbxconf
(7)Executive the command:asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvr

(8)Executive the command: module reload

6.Handset presses 888999 and you will hear “beep”. It means that we have replaced the prompt successfully.
7.Test to call to IVR(620),you can hear the recorded prompt.
<The End>



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