How to Convert Audio File Format

By Web Tool

1. Click “Browse” and upload the file to be converted.

2. Choose a format. We recommend BroadWorks Classic or Asterisk Standard.

3. Click “Submit” and obtain the converted file.


Choose Standard Definition WAV.

Note: G711 File Converter is available at


By Wave Pad

Before you uploading your custom prompt files to S-Series VoIP PBX, you need to make sure the audio files do not contain special characters, and the file format should be WAV:

  • gsm 6.10  8kHz, Mono
  • alaw/ulaw 8kHz, Mono, 8bit
  • pcm 8kHz,Mono, 16bit

Please follow the steps below to convert an audio file using wavepad software.

1. Open your audio file using Wavepad.

2. Click "File > Save File As".

3.  Save as Type "Wave(*.wav)", click "Save".

4. Set the wav format and click "OK". The format should accord with S-Series supported format. The following figure shows the format: pcm 8kHz,Mono,8Bits.




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