Common Causes for TG Interconnection Call Failure


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  • The common causes of the outbound call failure (From SIP to GSM)
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TG Series Gateway is the state-of-the-art solution to connect the IP-based phone system to GSM/3G/4G network. Some TG users might face call failure issues because of some improper web settings. Below are the common causes that might lead call failure. 

Note: Before your start troubleshooting with the following guide, make sure you have inserted SIM card on your GSM module and trunk status is registered. Otherwise, please turn to the GSM Registration Failure page for checking first.


The common causes of the outbound call failure (From SIP to GSM)

1. Improper IPtoMobile Route Settings

Most of the cases are caused by incorrect route settings.

Before you setup the interconnection well, you might have the following questions?

Once you are clear about the above questions. You can refer to the guides to interconnect your SIP device with TG.

Some users interconnect the TG device with a PBX server. Click here to check the guidelines for your PBX integration which has been tested. 

If you do not apply any PBX server in your case and just use one TG gateway for the outgoing and incoming call. You could refer to the setting here.


2. SIP trunk registration duplicates for the SIP server.

It's not recommended to usee two types of SIP trunk for the same SIP server connection as following picture show:


P.S: Account 20001 has been  registered by SIP server

As the above picture show, both SIP peer and SIP account trunk on the TG side have been established with  SIP server at the same time.

The setting might lead to call failure. So please note that only register one type of trunk between SIP server and TG.


3. Improper mobile setting on Mobile List

For the TGv2 device (The SN of the device do not start with 331)

Logically, mobile status should be "Disable" as the following figure show which means GSM modules are in running. It's a little bit confusing.


For the TGv3 device, the Outbound column should be ON.


4. Used duration reaches the limit

On the Mobile List menu you can check if the Used duration has been reached the limit or not.


Other specific causes:

Also, refer the other cases which have been solved on other clients below:

1. TG Outbound Call Failure that Caused by the Wrong Number Suffix

2. Unable to make call from 3CX(version 15) to TG gateway

3. IP to Port Call Failure when Using VoIP or Account Trunk



The common causes of the inbound call failure (From GSM to SIP)

The frequent cause is the Hotline is not configured well. As you know by this article Understand the Yeastar Gateway Route. The Hotline field is to set the DID number sent to the other side.


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    One huge point here missing. All cellular carriers in the US have dropped 3G and below. What this means for calls is you MUST enable VoLTE on the trunk connections. VoLTE is not voice over data like I initially thought. It's the ONLY way voice is transmitted on the new networks. This is so important, I would elect the newer firmware for the TG modems have this checkbox set by default.

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