GSM Registration Failure


Unregistered, Disconnect, Failed state on the web interface.


Check list

1. GSM registration theory. Go to the first chapter get a basic understanding of the function. GSM Registration Flow

2. Network and band compatibility. Check if your SIM card could match the network type and band the GSM module supports before installation (Generally the reseller would offer you the information). And you could refer the link to check the network type and band for carriers. Carrier Frequency Check

3. Antenna connection. Check if the antenna and the wire connected to GSM module are well connected.

4. Signal strength and cellular network capacity. Check the signal strength on Yeastar device, or test the SIM card on your mobile.

5. SIM card balance. Check if your SIM card own enough balance.

6. PIN. If your SIM card requires PIN, please input PIN on the GSM trunk setting page.

7. Network type and band setting. Check if you had configured correct network type and band the SIM supports. If you don’t know SIM card network type and band it supports, please contact the carrier or refer the link on step 1.

8. Swap SIM card. Insert another SIM card to same port if possible.

9. Swap GSM port. Insert the same SIM card to other GSM port if possible.


If issue persists after the check list, please post us the following information via our support portal.

1. Problem description.

2. Result of each step in the check list.

3. SIM card carrier name, network type and band it supports.

4. Screen capture of the GSM trunk settings.

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