Failed to Call Feature Code - Caused by Incorrect Dial Pattern Match Settings on FXS Port


  • Firmware version: Any
  • Model: TA FXS Gateway

Problem Description

S100->SIP Peer to Peer Trunk->TA FXS Gateway->FXS Port->Analog Phone

Analog phone is unable to pickup the internal or external call through the feature code *04+Extension number or feature code *4.


1. Get and analyse the FXS port signal capture packet 

1) The Rx volume is so high, that may caused the DTMF signal be cut when TA FXS gateway pass it into the analog phone.

 2) After pressing the feature code *4 or *4+Extension number, caller hear the busy tone and call is hangup directly.


2. Get and analyse the Asterisk-CLI-logs 

There was very little log information related with DAHDI/10-1 before hangup.


3. Get and analyse the DTMF-debug log

After pressing the feature code, caller hear the busy tone and call is hangup immediately, so the TA FXS Gateway still not pass the call out to the analog phone successfully.


3. Check the FXS port setting

And find the Dial Pattern Template is set as "X." In theory, the X. can only match the digits but not symbols like "*".




Change Dial Pattern from "X." to "." , "." means can match any character including digits, symbol and etc.

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