How to enable Analog and DTMF debug in MyPBX with SSH port

1. Login the SSH port, please take reference of this How to Login the SSH of Yeastar Device

2. Customize a configuration file, add a logger_custom.conf,  please take reference of this Custom Configuration File Guide for MyPBX U series

Then Edit this logger_custom.conf with the following content:

console => notice,warning,error,dtmf,debug


3. Login the asterisk by this command: asterisk -vvvvvvvvvr

4. Type the commands to enable the Debug for analog trunks and DTMF

logger reload

logger set level dtmf on

core set debug 2 // you can set it lever from 1 to 5, I use 2 for example


5. Then you can start to test the call and capture the debug log.

6. If you are using an ISDN trunk, please also use this command for its own trunk debug:

pri set debug 2 span 3   //Turn on PRI debug for span 3

pri set debug off span 3  //Turn off PRI debug for span 3

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