Common Causes for Linkus Login Failures




  • PBX version: or higher
  • Linkus server version: 2.0.15 or higher

Here are some common causes for the Linkus registration issue.

  • Linkus server or client version is too low
  • Linkus user is not enabled
  • Incorrect user password

Also, if you have error prompt of "Failed to Connect Server", try to refer to this article: Common Causes for Linkus Failure - Failed to Connect Server



1. Linkus server or client version is too low

Make sure to use the latest version on both server and client side.


2. Linkus user is not enabled


Go to Linkus menu, enable the user you need.



3. Incorrect user password

Linkus requires the user password to log in instead of the registration password.


The Linkus login password is the User Password rather than the Extension Registration password.
The default password is random. So you might not know what it is.
You can define a custom one on the PBX web interface for the first time Linkus login. 

Then change it to another password after the first login on the Linkus app.

Or you can send Linkus email with login QR code:

And scan the QR code to login on Linkus App:


Log & Packet Capture

If the checklist above can’t help resolve your issue, you could contact us. Please describe your issue and result of steps in the checklist, also post us the following information for further analysis.

Try to replicate the issue and get the logs: 

1. System Log

Here is the guide about how to get the System Log:

Tick the Debug option and tick the SIP debug option on the list.

2. Linkus Client Debug log 

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