Yeastar S20 / Avaya J179 Open SIP Internal Use Only

Hi. I'm new to most things SIP so am looking for some guidance. I have done loads of research but cannot (yet) get my Avaya J179 phone onto my Yeastar S20 IPPBX. Currently I do not have a SIP provider (will have when BT migrates across) so want to be able to use my Avaya SIP phone as an internal device only - a supplement to the existing Linkus devices I have set up and are working from the Yeastar S20.

I am struggling to work out what I need to pass (upload) to the phone so that it will work. I have followed these instructions: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/7108306947481-Register-Avaya-J-Series-to-P-Series-PBX but the SIP User Account Registration Status stays as Not Registered and the Extension details cannot be entered on the Avaya.

I'm sure the issue is in what I am passing in the Config. In particular, what should I use instead of 


as I am only using the IPPBX as an internal communication mechanism currently. I have tried my IPPBW IP address and variations of that to no avail. The Phone can ping the IPPBX and vice versa without an issue.

Alas the Avaya is not one of the phones in the Auto Provisioning list.

All help/suggestions gratefully received. NB, although topic selected was P-Series ON-Premisies PBX, I'm actually using an S20 (but S Series is not an option)

A bit of additional information that might help is that the Avaya phone looks like it needs a SIP Proxy list entry before the SIP User Id (<Extention>@<IP Address>) can be populated. Although the upload file in the instructions above worked, the phone says the proxy list is empty, even though when you however over the grey out input field in the WEB UI it has an entry of <IP Address>;Transport=UDP. 

Is there a better place to put this question as I was hoping for some sort of response. 


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