How to play regional queue announcement without following system prompt?


When PBX works in Identification Bureau, Immigration Bureau or Multinational Cooperation Area, it would receive international calls from different countries with different languages. PBX administrator would like to play queue position or periodic announcement in particular language which can be recognized by callers. If Italian system prompt is applied, every system queue announcement except those can be customed in each queue will play in Italian. This article guides on how to custom and play requested queue announcement for some queue in particular language.


Applicable Device

Model: S-Series IPPBX, P-Sereis IPPBX

Firmware: Not required



1. Take queue 6400 from p-series pbx as example, access ssh and copy all contents under context [queue-6400] in path /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and paste to /ysdisk/support/customcfg/extensions_custom.conf.
2. Copy below dialplan and paste to proper place in file extensions_custom.conf as the result represents in below screenshot, remember to change the language from 'zh' to others which you want, check other language abbreviation here. You should also download related system prompt well in advance.
3. For p-series pbx, add and delete an extension, click on 'Apply' on web UI then test call.
4. For s-series pbx, run additional two commands below then test call.
support@IPPBX:~$ astconfig
support@IPPBX:~$ asterisk -rx 'dialplan reload'
exten = 6400,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=zh)
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    Is it planned to add the channel/queue language option or the prompts set selection to the admin interface?

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