How to disable the prompt 'thank you for your patience' on the Queue


  • Model: S-Series, K2, Cloud PBX
  • Version: Any

When you dial into Queue, it will play the prompt 'thank you for your patience'. Some customers don't want the system to play the prompt. In this guide, we will teach you how to disable the prompt.


1. Please check which System Prompt you are using. Here I make an example as the System Prompt is English.


2. Log in the PBX via SSH

3. Since the System Prompt is English, then please type the below command to go to the directory 'en'.

cd /ysdisk/ysapps/pbxcenter/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/

And change the prompt by using the command 'mv queue-thankyou.gsm queue-thankyou-custom.gsm'


Note: If your System prompt is Britain English, please go to the directory 'en_BR'. 

cd /ysdisk/ysapps/pbxcenter/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en_BR/

Then use the same command to change the prompt. 'mv queue-thankyou.gsm queue-thankyou-custom.gsm'



Here is the System Prompt and its corresponding directory name:

Arabic: ar
Danish: da
German: de
English: en
English(Australia): en_AU
English(Britain): en_BR
Spanish(Latin America): es_LT
Spanish(Mexico): es_MX
Spanish(Spain): es
Persian: fa
Finnish: fi
French (Canada): fr_CA
French (France): fr
Greek: gr
Hungarian: hu
Italian: it
Hebrew: iw
Korean: kr
Dutch: nl
Norwegian: no
Polish: pl
Portuguese (Brazil): pt_BR
Portuguese (Portugal): pt
Russian: ru
Swedish: se
Thai: th
Turkish: tr
Chinese: zh
Dutch(Zuid-Afrika): za
Slovak: sk

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