U-Series SIP Trunk Registration Random Failure


  • Firmware version: Any
  • Model: U-Series


Problem Description

Sometimes the SIP Trunk registration would randomly failed without noticeable reason, and it needs reboot to make it re-register again.

We can use the SSH to access the PBX and fix it. So we need to enable the PBX SSH or use the console cable to access the SSH. Follow below steps to fix it.



Step1: Open Putty and login. How to Login the SSH of Yeastar MyPBX

Step2: Use the commands: cd /persistent/etc/

Step3: Create and edit a file, named sip_extend.conf, use the command: vi sip_extend.conf, and press “i” to edit it.

Step4:  add the content:enableregthread=yes, press”ESC” and input”:wq” to exit and save.

Step5: Reboot the PBX, use the commands: ”reboot”.


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