Email to SMS Failure Troubleshooting

The issue basically consists of 3 parts. Web settings, SMS function, email function. Refer to the following checklist to troubleshoot in sequence.

Check List

Web settings

1. Check the settings on the web to see if anything incorrect: 

2. Understand the SMS to Email workflow: Email to SMS Work Flow


Email Part

1. Check and test the POP3 settings: Email Settings on Yeastar Products

2. Make sure your email account has been enabled with POP downloading.


3. Ensure the email subject is correct according to the guide. Specifically the port, and target number.

Uncheck the country code. Then try different formats of numbers in the email subject for sending SMS. And check which one could work.

  • "+" + "country code" + "mobile number" like: +86123456789
  • "00" + "country code" + "mobile number" like: 0086123456789
  • "mobile number" like: 123456789

4. Clear the signature of the email which is for sending SMS.


SMS Part

1. Get the SMSCore to debug log: SMSCore Debug

2. Check the Sending SMS Failure Troubleshooting 



Log & Packet Capture

Post us the logs in the above steps if you could not solve the issue.

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