Why I Get Upgrade Notification When Login the Web Interface?

This issue applies for U-Series, Gateways.


Sometimes, when client try to access the web page of TG device, there is the upgrade notification like the following picture show.

After reboot, issue persists.


1. Unplug the power cable for 5 minutes, then plug the cable and power it on. See if the issue persists.

2. Reset the device to see if issue persists. How to perform reset?

3. If the issue persists, please submit ticket and also offer us the SN number of the device for checking if the device still in warranty. We would like offer the diagnosis of technical for you. If the device is confirmed with hardware damage, please connect with your distributor or the vendor where you bought the device for replacement (device in warranty)or purchase new one (device out of warranty).




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    Good morning,

    The device is again blocked and the firmware must be loaded

    On the other hand this is a routine which should be done at the dirario so that the equipment works, there is a way to request this from the root


    S/N G800V1213460197
    MAC F4B549040AE3

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