Network Interface Failure

Symptom: Network interface LED could be off or on, but ping failed.

Check list:

  1. Check firewall has not been enabled, or Disable Ping option has not been enabled.
  2. Try to login PBX/Gateway from the other computers.
  3. Direct connection to the network interface by a computer do ping test, or Wireshark capture to see if any Ethernet packet communication.
  4. Get the console cable to access the PBX/Gateway . (You must remember the SSH password to enter) Then do ping test to any local IP address.
  5. Reset the PBX by reset button to see if helps. (This must be careful, because the settings, CDR, and recording data would be erased of affected. See this article to learn how to perform factory reset for Yeastar products: How to Perform Reset)


If you can’t resolve the issue, please submit the following information to Yeastar.

  1. Post us the test result of the check list.
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