Auto Provisioning Basic Configuration and Understanding

In this article would talk about the basic configuration and understanding of the auto provisioning for IP phones and Yeastar gateways. 

1. Auto Provisioning by PNP

First please check if your IP phones has been supported by S-series PBX. Supported Models

Note that only the IP phones in the same network segment can be scanned to be configured. 

Refer this guide to learn how to perform Auto Provisioning by PnP method:Auto Provision Phones by PnP


In this scenario, I will take Yealink IP phone for example for the auto provision configuration. Make sure the PnP option has been active.

*If the IP phone you use is not in the auto provision support list, please refer to the document attached below. Provision the IP Phone That's Not in the Auto Provisioning Supported List


Auto Provisioning for TA gateway

  1. TA device in the same network woud be scanned by PBX
  2. Edit TA device like provisioning the IP phones.
  3. After you save the setting, you need to reboot your TA device right now or later.

For more detail, you might refer the old guide in U-Series:

2. Auto Provision by DHCP

Note: For the first time to auto provision your phones on the PBX, you need to RESET all your phones before auto provisioning, or it may not work.

The configuration on PBX Auto Provisioning menu is basically the same as the PnP method.

You could refer our guide in the help center: Auto Provision Phones by DHCP

One side of IP phone, make sure the DHCP auto provisioning option has been enabled.

Besides, you need to configure the DHCP server on PBX.

DHCP Server Configuration on PBX

Use our PBX as the DHCP server for auto provision is preferred. Other DHCP is also fine when you understand mechanism of the DHCP provisioning methods.

Regarding to Yeastar PBX, you could enable the DHCP service in the Security menu.

DHCP Address Range: Make sure the DHCP Address Range is available and not in use. Or will cause the IP address conflict.

TFTP Server: This option is for auto provision, IP phone get configuration file from the TFTP Server. The format should be tftp://XX.XX.XX.XX. (XX.XX.XX.XX is the IP address of your PBX.)


Auto Provision TA FXS gateway by DHCP

It is not much difference with the IP phones and the PnP method.





3. *Scan Mechanism of Auto Provisioning

How does PBX scan the MAC address of IP phone?

First step: PBX will send a broadcast package with FF:FF:FF:FF to router to ask the MAC address of other device’s MAC address.

Second step: Router/Switch in the LAN will send package to other.

Third step: IP phone/TA will response their MAC in the form of unicast to router/switch.

Last step: Router/Switch will recorded the MAC address in its ARP list and transfer to PBX.

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