BRI Basic Installation Guide

This article aims at BRI basic configuration in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX. And we divide this guide into 2 parts.

1. Physical Configuraion.

2. Web Configurations and Adjusting in SSH.


Physical Configuration

First of all, please make sure the BRI trunk with correcting line order. Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX only support BRI trunk with RJ11 interfaces.

Regarding how to make a BRI trunk, you can find an Ethernet line then follow above line order to make one. 





Web Configuration and Adjusting in SSH

Step 1. Get BRI trunk configuration parameters from BRI Carrier:

1. Parameters effecting BRI trunk connection

Signalling, Signalling Role and Switch Type

2. Parameters effecting BRI trunk calls

  • Codec
  • Echo cancellation
  • Overlap Dial
  • PRI Indication
  • Calling Party Numbering Plan
  • Calling Party Numbering Type
  • Called Party Numbering Plan
  • Called Party Numbering Type
  • Presentation Indicator
  • Screen Indicator
  • ISDN Dialplan
  • DOD


Step 2. Configuration in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

LED lights: If the BRI trunk didn't connect, the LED light display with Orange Blink

After connecting BRI cable, then you can go to page 'PBX monitor > Trunks' to check the BRI trunk status. Below two situation are the BRI trunk physical layer didn't go through.

If getting above problem, then you need to configure BRI trunk on page 'Settings > PBX > Trunks > Edit > Basic'. Also make sure the BRI Carrier side enabled the BRI trunk. 

The most important parameters to make BRI trunk connected is Signalling, Signalling Role and Switch Type. More often than not, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX act Signalling Role as User. 


Step 3. Check below 2 kind of status you can find if the BRI trunk connected.

1. LED light display Solid Orange

2. On PBX Monitor > Trunks page, you can find the status display UP


Step 4. After BRI trunk connected, you can try to make Incoming can Outgoing calls. 

1. If you can't receive incoming calls, please check below parameters on BRI trunk edit page with BRI Carrier.

2. If you can't make outgoing calls, please try to configure DOD on BRI trunk edit page. 


If it is still not working, please try to get BRI debug log follow below guide, then send the log to Yeastar support team.

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    Hi Gary,

    You did a great job with this article. I have a little problem with an ISDN line that has 2 numbers. How can you make an S20 to manage the 2 numbers (ie. 0438111111 and 0438222222). When an outside call gets the ISDN line, number 0438111111 has to make ring a calling group, and number 0438222222 has to go to extension 210. I tried with DID but didn't work. Do you have any idea? Thanks.

    Best regards,

    Walter De Stefano.

  • 1

    Ciao Walter,

    try to add 2 INBOUND ROUTES with 2 different DID PATTERN ( 438111
    111 and 438222222). Select the BRI TRUNK in Member Trunks.

  • 0

    Is this cable the common 4pin rj11 cable?

  • 1

    The picture shown in the table is a typical RJ12 but you can use also a RJ11 cable.

    1. RJ11 and RJ12 wiring uses the same six slot connector
    2. RJ11 and RJ12 only differs in the wiring
    3. RJ12 utilizes all six slots while RJ11 only uses four of the six available slots
    4. RJ11 and RJ12 are commonly used for telephone systems with RJ12 being used in different configurations
    5. RJ11 is very common in today’s homes while RJ12 is quite uncommon except in some large companies


    The other pictures show a RJ45 cable.

  • 0

    So If I buy a Rj11 -> R42 cable the line order is already correct?
    I have not the equipment to do the physical configuration.

  • 0

    You can choose a RJ11 cable :


    or a RJ12 :



    Remember in a RJ12 cable the first (pin 1) and the last (pin 6) slot are not used.

    They are both correct to use if you buy in a shop.

  • 0

    So I bought a RJ11 to RJ45 cable but my Yeastar 20 LED doesn't blink is that normal?
    Do you have a link with a cable that work with the Yeastar S20?
    I checked the Cable and it send signals but maybe its wrong wired?

  • 0

    Hello Bo,

    here is the link for the cable RJ11 -> RJ45


    Have you inserted correctly the B2 module on your Yeastar S20 ?

    Edited by Elvis Havale
  • 0

    Thx alot for yout help. I was dumb I forgot to buy the B2 module, somehow I thought it was included.

    Everything is working now except one thing, when I call someone it only show one number 123456-0, I got the number range from 0-99. I tried to set it up that it show the number 123456-30

    I tried to set it up in Connection->Bri->DoD

    Did I something wrong? Except that I can call and receive calls without problems.

  • 0

    Hello Bo,

    glad you solved the problem.


  • 0

    Grazie Elvis,

    I'll make an inbound route for every ISDN number and try .

  • 0

    Bonjour, je suis blaise technicien télécom. J'ai besoin  de votre aide. En effet j'ai branché ma ligne T0 sur le yeastar S-50, les appeles entrants et sortants passent très. Mais le problème est que sur ma ligne j'ai l'acces cellulaire , national et international . Je souhaiterai bloqué l'accès cellulaire et international à certains utilisateurs sans toutefois les empêchés d'appeler le national. Merci de me repondre svp.

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