Different Ways of Retrieving Voicemail Messages

Voicemail allows callers to leave you a message when you're unable to answer the phone or are away from the office. This article demonstrates 4 different ways to retrieve and check voicemail messages on your S-Series VoIP PBX.

Check Voicemail Messages via local IP phone

Note: Please ensure 'Enable Voicemail' box is checked on the extension setting page of S-Series VoIP PBX.

Enable voicemail feature on extension

Different IP Phone models might differ slightly in voicemail settings, including new voicemail prompt display, but the way to retrieve and check voicemails is general the same. Here we take Yealink T41P as an example.

Whenever there is a new voicemail message, the MWI indicator on your IP phone will flash in red; Also, you will find it display '1 New Voice Mail(s)' on the IP phone screen.

To access and check the voicemail, you would need to dial voicemail number "*2" to call your voicemail and access your voicemail account. While if you previously had set up the voicemail number for your account, you just need to press the voicemail button on the phone to listen to your voicemail. If not, you can configure the voicemail number settings for each account on your IP phone's web interface.

And for more details on how to navigate in the voicemail voice menu, CLICK HERE

Configure the voicemail number on your IP phone web interface

Check voicemail messages via mailbox

This method applies to users who are not often in the office but have access to Ethernet to access voicemails on their mailbox. 

Step 1: Enable 'Send Voicemail to Email' checkbox on extension setting page.

Enable 'Send Voicemail to Email' checkbox on extension setting page

Step 2: Configure an email address on the extension setting page. The email will be used to receive the voicemail attachment.

Set up a email address to receive your voicemail

Note: You also need to ensure that the Email server settings on the PBX is well configured and the test result is successful so that the voicemail could be delivered to the desired mailbox.  

Email server settings on S-Series VoIP PBX


Retrieve voicemail messages via Yeastar Linkus app

This method applies to users who are not often in the office but have access to WIFI or mobile cellular network.

Users can retrieve and check their voicemails directly on the intuitive interface of Yeastar Linkus Unified Communications App, a desktop/mobile softphone designed to coordinate with S-Series VoIP PBX. For more details as to how to configure Linkus app for your S-Series PBX, please refer to HERE.


Check voicemails via making a remote phone to IVR

This method applies to users who are not often in the office but have access to making phone calls to the company's IVR system. 

Step 1: Enable 'Dial to Check Voicemail' checkbox on the IVR setting page. 

IVR setting page on S-Series VoIP PBX

Step 2: Follow the dialing flow below to check the voicemail messages.

External party > IVR > press *02 > press the extension number > enter your password/PIN number for the voicemail box > now you can hear the voicemail message. 


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