How to Enable MFC/R2 Debug in MyPBX U series

Follow the steps to enable MFC/R2 debug.

  1. Login the SSH. How to Login SSH
  2. Add logger_custom.conf file. Refer to the file: Custom Configuration File Guide for MyPBX U series
    You can write a logger_custom.conf in /persistent/custom-cfg/. The contents are as below:
  3. Reboot MyPBX.
  4. Enter the SSH again after MyPBX and enter the Asterisk CLI mode.
  5. Execute the command to enable the debug for R2 line.
  6. Replicate the issue, as well as capture the logs.
  7. When the problem comes up again, execute the commands to disable the debug for R2 line.
  8. Copy the logs to a txt file and share us the txt file, we will analyse the logs.
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