How to Use Call Pickup

Call Pickup is a feature that allows one to answer someone else's call. The feature is accessed by pressing call pickup feature code on MyPBX. If a colleague's phone set is ringing, one can answer that call by picking up one's own set and then using the call pick-up feature, instead of walking to the colleague’s desk.

Group Call Pickup
The deafult call pickup for Group Call Pickup is *4. It allows you to pick up a call from a ringing phone which is in the same group as you. Pickup group can be set on extension edit page. Extensions that are in the same group can pick up each other's call by feature code *4.

Direct Call Pickup
The default Direct Call Pickup (Extension Pick up) feature code is *04. It allows you to pick up a call that is made to a specific extension. If you know whose phone is ringing and what is the extension number is, you can pick up the call by pressing *04+ extension number.

For example, if a call reaches the Sales Department Manager's phone (extension number 888), but he is in a meeting, you can pick up the call by pressing *04888 on your own phone to answer the call.

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