HTTP Interface for SMS

TG provides a HTTP interface to enable your applications to send messages over the internet. You can send SMS message using the HTTP interface. Parameters are specified in the URL.

Sending SMS format:

Sending USSD format:

Please check the following example SMS message from web.
If you want to send a message "Hello world!!" to phone number 15880270900 through TG GSM port 1.

The API settings are configured as the following picture shows:

Figure 1 API Settings on TG

As we can see, the [User] should be apiuser, and the [pass] should be password.

The URL format should be like this: world!!

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    Hi You,

    I am a programmer. Now, I'm writing SMS function GT400 Neogate, but I do not know what is the value returned when I call the method" world!!".

    I hope to get feedback from you.

    Thanks you.

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    hi youu

    i wanna know how i can receive SMS  sent from the neogate device to an HTTP interface using the same things as u have done with sending the message here

    i hope to get feedback from you

    thank you

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    Hello @Trung Út Lê,

    If the SMS is sent successfully, you can will the receive the response like this:

    Response: Success
    Message: Commit successfully!


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    Hello halimalarhrafi1993,

    Currently, TG doesn't support read SMS via HTTP interface, hope you will know.


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    Hi Pixy Xie,

    So, The response include two variables: response (value is Success and message (value is Commit successfuly) ?

    Looking forward to your response!

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    I must send sms from a remote server to local gateway. To perform the call I use jquery + ajax. Because it is a cross domain request I must use jsonp, but the gateway response is text/html, so I receive a syntax error from jquery. There is a way to fix it? Thanks.

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    I want to send massive sms from HTTP, this is possible?. my device is GT400 Neogate

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    dear all ;

    how can i send SMS to multiple Numbers

    what is the revived SMS Form ?

    what is the revived SMS sender name will appear ?  

    and what is the response in case there is failure in one of them 

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    Hi do you have example PHP code/framework to send SMS through Yeastar TGX00 I am  interested to understand Throttling, round Robin of GSM, need some way to read/store "Sucess Send of SMS" to the database on the sending app side, for example a way to handle a potential Queue of 1000 burst or high activity of SMS without dropping/loosing SMS transmissions
    For Round Robin of GSM modules is this Automatic and handled by the Yeastar TG?

    Some PHP Examples would be useful, thank you

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