How to repair your CDR


There is no results find in CDR and recordings or you may get a 502 bad gateway when downloading CDR.



Repair your database. Detail steps are below:

Step 1 Login in the Putty

You could find the account and password through the path in your S-series PBX: System>Security>Service>Enable SSH

If you have any question about how to login the SSH, please check the below guide:

Step 2 Download the program to your PBX

1) Get into the directory:

Input the command: cd /ysdisk/support/tmp


2) Download the program to your PBX:

Method a.

Input the command below:



Method b.

If you meet the issue like below, it may due to the unstable Network or other reasons:

  • You could click this link to download the program and move it to PBX by FTP mothod:

Notice: The file should be drag to the path that in the red frame. 

Step 3: Execute script

1) Input the command: vi /ysdisk/support/


2) After that, press 'i' into the mode of edit.

Press the arrow key arbitrarily, input the content below the

#this script will be execd before syscore boot command

sleep 10
chmod 777 /ysdisk/support/tmp/mysqlrepairer
/ysdisk/support/tmp/mysqlrepairer 1


3) Press the 'Esc' button, input the command:  :wq


6) Press the 'Enter' button.

Step 4: Reboot your PBX and check your CDR if repair successful











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    Hi Guys

    I've tried the SSH route but get Failed: Connection Refused when using the wget command.


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