How to Dial 0 for Hotel Receptionist in MyPBX


This guide describes how to allow customers to dial 0 to call the hotel receptionist(s) in Yeastar MyPBX Hotel Addon. We can achieve this feature with the configuration of creating an extension 0.

Dialing 0 to Call a Receptionist

1. Log in MyPBX web interface with the username “admin”, navigate to PBX > Basic Settings > General Preferences, and change the User Extension range. The user extensions should start from 00.


2. Create or edit an extension and define the number as 0.


3. Log in MyPBX Web interface with the username “hotel”, navigate to General Settings > Dial Plan, set the extension number of Reception to 0.


4. Now, the customers can dial 0 on the Hotel room phones to call the receptionist.

Dialing 0 to Call Multiple Receptionists

If the Hotel has multiple receptionists, we can set Follow Me to a ring group on the extension 0. When the customers dial 0, the call will be forwarded to the ring group members.

1. Create extension 0 and set Hotel Reception to 0 as the section Dialing 0 to Call a Receptionist described.
2. Log in MyPBX Web interface with the username “admin”, go to PBX > Inbound Call Control > Ring Group to create a new ring group. Select the receptionists’ extensions as the ring group members.


3. Edit the extension 0, configure the Follow Me settings.

  • Follow Me: Always
  • Transfer to Number: enter the ring group’s number.


4. Now, when the customers dial 0, all the receptionists’ phones will ring.

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