P-Series Firewall Ports

Our company is connected to a VPN that is very highly secured. This means that every port that does not clearly belong to the operation of a software is closed by default.

In the guides (e.g. https://help.yeastar.com/en/p-series-appliance-edition/administrator-guide/manually-set-up-linkus-server.html?hl=set%2Cup% 2Clinkus%2Cserver) I found some information about ports to use but it doesn't seem to be complete or correct.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me which ports need to be activated in order for our telephone system to work.
The following ports are currently open:
80, 443, 5038, 5060, 8080, 8088 and 8111

The desktop Linkus client starts, outgoing calls work, but sending and receiving audio doesn't work. The chat in the browser or in Linkus does not work either. On another workstation without firewall (outside our network) the browser and linkus work as expected.

The firewall traffic logs show attempts to use the ports between 332nn and 333nn - but the instructions/documents do not mention these ports at all.

The Linkus traffic log also shows that the ports around 568nn should be used. But these ports are not documented anywhere either. It is also always not sure whether it should be TCP or UDP.

Where can I find complete documentation about used and required ports - including TCP or UDP - so that the clients (Linkus, Webclient, Chat and so on) can work/communicate stable with the PBX.

For security reasons, it would also be good to know if specific ports need to be bound to specific lines. For example: Ports 8111, 8088 and 5060 exclusively on the IP/domain of your own PBX?!


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