Linkus client difficult to use on Android client with screens like 1:1, 3:2 etc:

When I launch the Linkus Client on a Unihertz Titan or Titan Pocket or on a Samsung S7 Tablet it is hard or even impossible to use:

On the Unihertz phones the lower part of the screen is clipped, but unihertz has a so called "mini mode" (scaling the screen to 9:16) wich makes it possible to use Linkus. However this is a PITA.

On the Samsung Note S7 in standard mode, the Linkus client launches 90 degress rotated it simply refuses to accept the landcape orientation of the tablet. If I activate Dex the orientation is normal, but for example in the advanced options of the client it simply cannot make an entry into any field. So it is nearly completely useless on the S7.

Please consider fixing this. Assuming a certain orientation, dimenson or size ist not a good idea IMO.

I could submit screenshots but I dont see an option to upload.


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