P-Series issues with GSM DTMF

Hi there. We have a P570 with 2x EX08 Expansion Board, each with 2x O2 Dual FXO ports Module and 2x GSM Module Single Channel, for a total of 8 PSTN lines and 4 GSM trunks.
Outgoing calls are working, ext to ext are ok, call forwarding to outbound route works fine. IVR is set up, with routes to ivr menus, extensions and ring groups.
Am currently testing with 1 gsm trunk and 1 pstn line connected. When calling from a landline to both pstn and gsm trunk, all woks fine: can select ivr selections or dial extension. When calling from gsm to pstn trunk, everything works fine also. But when calling from a mobile phone (tested with a Samsung Galaxy S10e and S10 Lite with 2 different providers) to the gsm trunk, key presses are not recognized.
Rx and Tx volmues are tested at 40, 80 and 100% both and echo cancellation on and off. FXO Mode is set at FCC and Tone Region was tested with USA, USA 1950, Brazil, China. All the same result with (not tested with PSTN, only mobile phone). Virtual RingBack Tone is selected. DTMF Duration and Gap are tested with 100, 110, 120, 130 and 300ms. DTMF passthrough tested with and without.
With our Elastix, we are using a GSM Gateway (Portech MV-372) with the DTMF Duration set on Unlimited and Debounce is set at 1000ms and it works good there. But this is not available on the GSM trunk settings on the P570.
What more should I check?


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