Hi Yeastar team,

While searching here for P-Series, I read this in the Missing Options/Feature Requests thread:

There is no OpenVPN client or server. (already saw the post where you mention this will no longer be available. (was told that OpenVPN server will probably not be added but OpenVPN client might).


Especially right now due to covid situation and remote work, we are getting asked about the use of remote IP phones with P-Series, just like we do on S-Series.

Unfortunately, not all are familiar with the use of Linkus on mobile or PC, and want to use the more traditional IP Phone because it's more convenient of them.

So, is there any new thought about the OpenVPN feature on P-Series (both for Server and Client)?

This also applies to another request for PBX interconnection, just like we also do on S-Series.

I'm sure that many people need this feature to be implemented, so any update on this?


Kind regards
Allwan LTD



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