P-Series Beta Version FAQ -

Firmware Upgrade Recommendation
At first, we highly recommend you to upgrade the firmware to version to get more features (Enterprise Plan with Call Center and LCS): https://email.yeastar.com/p-series-beta-upgrade 
Note that you would need to perform a hardware reset as well after the firmware upgrade(with software reset) to let the PBX work normally.
The hardware reset method: When the PBX is power up and steady for 5 mins. Press the reset button for more than 5 seconds but less than 10 seconds, then release the button. Then configure it again from scratch.
FAQ for P-Series Beta Version
- NFC scan failure: Try to upgrade your firmware to the version https://email.yeastar.com/p-series-beta-upgrade 
- Abnormal License Activation Error: 
1) In the beginning when you configure, the system doesn't have Internet access, it would prompt the error. After network settings, the error still exists. You would need to got the notification center to mark it as read, then it would not pop-up again when you login. 
2) Make sure your PBX has Internet access, and the correct date&time settings.
- How could I use the Call Center? -> Activate the Free Trial, then you would get the Call Center feature.
- I don't see Auto P, when we will have Auto Provisioning? -> December, this year.
- Manual extension registration failure: P-Series changes registration name(authentication username) different from the extension. So you need to fill in the right registration name on your IP phone/softphone.

WebRTC - when would have it supported?

It would be added at the end of December. It would be embedded with the Linkus web client. Web client support call function including video conference.


Support Chat Button would be removed?

Yes, it would be removed in the formal version


VPN -  when would have it supported?

VPN feature would be not available any more on P-Series


LDAP -  when would have it supported?

LDAP would be replaced by the Contact feature.



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