Missing options on the P-Series that are available on S-Series

1 - I'm unable to find "Database grant" or "AMI" options on the P-Series, is it planned to come or not at all?

We've got a few third party softwares that we work with that rely on these... (already added)

2 - I'm also not able to find anything regarding CSTA for Yealink phones, like on S-Series, at first was hoping for it to be enabled by default but even with a Yealink phone registered and provisioned CTI option doesn't appear on Linkus Desktop Client. (already added)

3 - Can't find Hot Standby option anywhere, will it be supported? (under development)

4 - There is no OpenVPN client or server. (already saw the post where you mention this will no longer be available. (was told that OpenVPN server will probably not be added but OpenVPN client might)

5 - (requested by Samual Jacques) Ability to disable Distinctive Caller ID - (already added)

6 - (requested by Paul Curran) Paging / Intercom - Not sure if it was already added.

7 - (requested by Paul Curran) IAX Trunks

8 - (requested by Lea L.) PIN List (already added)

9 - Ability to select calendar day on custom time conditions like there used to be on S-Series, sometimes Holiday is not enough when you want a specific day of the year with a different behaviour, companies with shifting schedules need this.

10 - Manual activation of a time condition like there used to be on S-Series with feature codes *8XX


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