First Impressions

  • Testing FW
  • A Setup Wizard! I asked for that on the U series. Great to see.
  • Nice Dashboard with clickable links.
  • There are no extensions by default.
  • The only way to get information is from the dashboard (would rather see it where the notifications are).
  • Can the Chat link be removed completely?
  • Have not found a way to enter batch extensions
  • There used to be the possibility of adding a FxS and IP extension on the same, now it is a dropdown box
  • The user information is at the top of the extension settings, register credentials below it (opposite to S series).
  • Good that Registration name is now not the extension number
  • Apply button is __REALLY__ small
  • Caller ID name in the extension summary is actually the first name field
  • I miss the password strength meter.
  • On the extension list summary I would like to see a mouse-over for the inactive icons (PC client, mobile client etc)
  • Would love to see trunk domain checkbox "Same as IP"

To continue

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