Time Condition BLF not working with [Other Time]

I have set up BLFs for a simple Time Condition scenario:


Settings > PBX > Call Control > Time Conditions:

I have one Time Condition defined: Workday, set to 0800-1700 Mon-Fri


Settings > PBX > Call Control > Inbound Routes > Route 1 (main company DID):

I have checked "Enable Time Condition" - Feature code for Reset is *800

"Workday" Time Condition is shown with a destination of Ring Group, Feature code is *802

"[Other Time]" Time Condition is shown with a destination of IVR, Feature code is *801


I have given the receptionist extension permission to change Time Conditions in Settings > PBX > General > Feature Codes

I have programmed DSS keys on her phone (Yealink T-58A) as per this article:


DSSKey 1 BLF *800 "AutoSched" Line1

DssKey 2 BLF *802 "Day" Line1

DssKey 3 BLF *801 "Night" Line1

If the mode is set to *800 (normal auto schedule), during the hours specified as "Workday" both the *800 BLF and the *802 BLF turn red, which is expected.

After "Workday" hours change, *800 BLF stays red and *802 BLF turns green, which is good. But *801 does not turn red. It should turn red since [Other Time] condition is in effect.

If *801 BLF is pressed, then the *800 BLF will turn green and the *801 BLF will turn red, which is expected. But if *800 is enabled and the system is not in Workday hours, the *801 BLF never turns red.

So it seems that the Time Condition BLF indication does not work with the [Other Time] condition.

I thought I could work around this by creating a new time condition called "NonWorkDay" and set to 17:00 - 08:00. But then the problem is Saturday and Sunday, when the office is closed all day. I cannot specify different hours for Saturday/Sunday in that same Time Condition. I would have to create another Time Condition for those, and would need to program 4 BLFs to monitor them all, which is not feasible.

So can you fix this bug so that the [Other Time] Time Condition will properly light up Red when the system is auto-switching (mode *800)?

Also, as a future enhancement, it would be wonderful if there was a UI option to make Time Condition overrides temporary--i.e. if Workday is defined as 0800-1700 M-F and the receptionist must leave early on Friday, she could override to night mode at 1600, and then at 1700, the PBX would resume the normal schedule. I understand some users may not want that to happen, but it would be a nice option and would eliminate having to dedicate a BLF to the *800 code.

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