Call Reporting / Metrics / Record Management Software for Yeastar Cloud PBX

A user-friendly call reporting tool that can produce advanced call metrics reports - Easy Setup only requires PBX URL, User, and Password. 

No use of API, AMI or SQL. 


Download & Info Link: https://www.tricom.nz/tricomvoip-cdrm


First Release with more reports, integrations & agent monitoring coming soon...

Break down call data, track sales progress, Click the blue links to see more info or check out the tutorial /  Knowledgebase section

• Extra Fields  With 48 Fields per phone call. 

• Recordings Simply download 1 or more recorded phone calls with ease. Manage recordings, add notes and play back recordings.

 CDR Search Search the PBX's CDR log without limitations, print or easily export to Excel 

• CDR Reports - Built-in Reports created by CDR Search data. 

• Live Dashboard - 
Live Dashboard with various metrics  

• Settings - 
Customize TricomVoIP to suit your needs, set auto-refresh times, peak periods and Window Style and color 

• Integrations - Integrations from TricomVoIP Desktop are coming soon. Such as Contacts


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