Yeastar Cloud PBX Provisioning


Working to get provisioning of custom templates for Yealink T27P sets. The latest firmware to fix a bug in where lang.wui = %EMPTY% exists and loops many page settings, mainly the Update setting for firmware and Status page. (Yealink Support Ticket ID:79612)

When applying these entries:

## Added by VoIP Support

static.auto_provision.server.url = https://ictremote1.us.yeastarcloud.com/autoprovision/12468dd5bb380e9d
static.lang.wui = English


They do not show up into the provisioned set where the custom template has been applied.

The reason for us using our YDMP server for this firmware as the Yeastar Cloud PBX provisioning will only accept current official releases.

Outside of resetting the sets to Factory Default, is there a way to get the custom template to provision correctly?



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