PCE Inbound rule (Matching DID to extension) not working?

Like the title says, I'm having an issue with the most basic of tasks in PCE.  We have a client that has 5 different DIDs and wishes to have them ring 5 different extensions.  As a basic test, I created a single rule to test.  If I create an inbound route with the "DID number to specific extension" matching mode, add the trunk and then add the 10 digit DID with its corresponding extension, then make the default extension "DID number to specific extension" it rejects all calls.  (Just a hangup)  Support asked for a pcap and that shows the rejection as well.  

Alternatively, if I create a rule that uses "DID pattern" only and then I leave the pattern blank it will route all numbers from the trunk to the destination appropriately (in this case, a test IVR).

I'm banging my head against the wall on this and am surprised that support isn't really much help.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks.


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