How to capture PRI debug trace for Yeastar ISDN gateway


For Yeastar gateway, the downloaded trace from web interface always is not helpful for issue toubleshooting. In most cases always have to access ssh to capture more asterisk cli trace. This article guides on how to capture PRI trace for ISDN gateway, including Yeastar TE and TB gateways.


Applicable Devices

Model: TB Gateway, TE gateway

Firmware: Not required



1. Login the SSH port, please take reference of this How to Login the SSH of Yeastar Device

2. Copy destined file logger.conf from /persistent/etc/asterisk/ to /persistent/custom-cfg/ by below commands and edit it by vi command.

root@TB400:~# cp /persistent/etc/asterisk/logger.conf /persistent/custom-cfg/logger_custom.conf
root@TB400:~# cd /persistent/custom-cfg/
root@TB400:/persistent/var/lib/asterisk/db/custom-cfg# vi logger_custom.conf

3. Add following content marked as red to logger_custom.conf.


dateformat = %F %T
yslogdir = /var/log/yslog

console => notice,warning,error,dtmf,debug


4. Continue to run below commands to make it take effect.

root@TB400:/persistent/var/lib/asterisk/db/custom-cfg# cd
root@TB400:~# mypbxconf
root@TB400:~# asterisk -rx 'logger reload'
root@TB400:~# asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvr
TB200*CLI> sip set debug on
TB200*CLI> pri set debug on span X ( X is from the result of this command 'pri show spans' )


5. Reproduce call.

6. Collect traces in putty and post to yeastar support team.


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