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In this article, we will offer some advice about what logs you need to capture when submitting a ticket to our support.

Log Capture Core Rule

The log capture core rule is pretty important

The key to capturing the log correctly is to ensure the issue cover in the log files.

The major flow of the log capture:

  • Start log capture before you reproduce the issue.
  • Reproduce the issue.
  • Stop log capture and download the log.


Log Type

Here we introduce the several types of logs we often use.


Asterisk CLI log

Asterisk CLI is short for Asterisk Command Line Interface. This log is generated by the Asterisk system which is pretty useful when you debug the issue, as most of the PBX features are built based on the Asterisk System. For example, the Asterisk CLI reflects the status of the dialplan execution which allows you to check how a call is going through or not. Meanwhile, it offers different log levels such as SIP, BRI/PRI, and so on.


How to get Asterisk Log?

For S-Series, P-Series, TGv3, Cloud PBX, K2: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004185167-How-to-Capture-Asterisk-CLI-Logs-for-Yeasatr-S-Series-VoIP-PBX

For Gateways (TA/TB/TE/TGv2/N-Series/U-Series): https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/217862368-How-to-Capture-Asterisk-CLI-logs-for-Yeastar-Devices


System Log

This is a type of log Yeastar PBX integrated. It includes several logs inside:

  • Linux service log like web, TFTP, Samba, etc.
  • Linux boot log including hardware device log.
  • Linux performance log like ps, top command log.
  • Asterisk CLI log with different debug level including SIP, RTP, BRI/PRI, SS7, SMS
  • Asterisk core dump log.
  • Asterisk Queue log.

It can help you analyze Asterisk and Linux system relevant issues. Refer to this article to learn: How to Get System Log


Pcap Log

Pcap is a popular type of log which includes the network packets captured from the network interface.

You can use Wireshark to analyze it. Also, see a helpful article: How to Analyze SIP Calls in Wireshark

If any issue related to the network, you can try to get this type of issue. Generally, the SIP-related issues require this log.

Refer to this guide to learn: How to Get PCAP Dump Capture


Port Signal Log

This log is only available for the physical ports: Analog, GSM. This log helps to analyze the voice quality, DTMF, Caller ID issue.

Refer to this guide to learn: How to Get the FXO/FXS/GSM Port Signal Capture


AT Command Log

This log is only available for the GSM ports. For any call failure issue or GSM service issue, you will need to capture this log.

Refer to this guide to learn: How to Get AT Command Log


Linkus Debug Log

This log is available for the Linkus client App. For any issues related to Linkus, you will need to capture this log.

Refer to this guide to learn: How to Get Linkus Debug Logs


BRI/PRI Debug Log

This log is available for the BRI and PRI line. For any call issues, line service issues related to BRI or PRI line, you will need to capture this log.

Refer to this guide to learn: How to Enable PRI/BRI Debug



What logs do I need to capture when submitting a ticket?

In this section, we will guide you on what logs you need to capture when you meet the issue.

Except for the logs, you will need to submit the necessary problem description of the issue:

  • issue phenomenon
  • the procedure to reproduce the issue
  • time of the issue
  • call details: calling number, called party number.


Issue Type Log Needed Available Models
  • The issue of the feature related to the network.
  • SIP-related issues.
Pcap log All products
  • System service doesn't work
  • System instability issue
  • System crash
  • Failed to make calls
System Log U-Series/S-Series/K2/Cloud/P-Series
  • If you are not which type it exactly belongs to, try this.
  • Linkus settings issues
  • Linkus feature issues
  • Linkus call issues
  • Linkus login issues
Linkus Debug Log All Linkus Apps
  • Call Routing Issues
  • Faile to make calls
Asterisk CLI Log All products
  • GSM line registration issue
  • SMS issues
  • GSM line call failure
AT command Log U-Series/S-Series/P-Series/TG Gateway
  • Analog line caller ID issue
  • Analog/GSM voice quality issue
  • Analog/GSM DTMF issue
  • Analog line call failure
Port Signal Log U-Series/S-Series/P-Series/TA Gateway
  • BRI/PRI line service failure
  • BRI/PRI line call failure
BRI/PRI Debug Log U-Series/S-Series/P-Series/TB/TE Gateway


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