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2021 October

Auto Provisioning Failure since October due to the Expired Let's Encrypt ISRG Root X1 CA Cert on Yealink Phone


2021 September

Analyze PBX System Log by Notepad++ (SIP Event/Extension Registration Failure/Outbound Call Failure)

Get correct logs & submit tickets for Yeastar troubleshooting (including Wireshark,Notepad++,Putty)


2021 August

Using Microsoft Active Directory with Yealink phones (include LDAP parameter provisioned by Yeastar)

SIP CALL FLOW Analyse&Troubleshooting in Wireshark丨Yeastar P-series PBX (Video)

Interconnect TG Gateway with P-Series PBX (Video)

Interconnect Yeastar FXO Gateway with Yeastar P-Series PBX (Video)


2021 July

SIP Registration Analyse&Troubleshooting in Wireshark丨Yeastar P-series PBX (Video)

What a Support Account can Do via SSH Xshell | Yeastar P-Series (Video)

How to Analyze Analog Signals and Configure Correctly for Yeastar PBX FXO Port (Video)

Deep into Auto Provisioning on Yeastar P-Series PBX | Custom Templates & FAQ (Video)


2021 June

How To Use the DID Pattern of Inbound Route in P Series (Video)

How to Analyze SIP Calls in Wireshark (Video)

How To Analyze DTMF in SIP Calls by Wireshark (Video)

How to Enable Flash Player for MySMS on Google Chrome


2021 May

How to Configure SIP Trunk Without Outbound Registration (Video)

How to Program BLF / Function Keys for Multiple Phones at Once

How to use Email to SMS on Yeastar Devices (Video)

How To Reset Yeastar TA4X0/TA8X0 (Video)

How to Fix Random Call Cut of Analog Line

Why Cloud PBX Extension Always Gets Offline?


2021 April

How to Provision TA FXS Gateway by Yeastar P-Series(Video)

Log Capture Advice

How to Extend Speed Dial List (Video)

How to Provision IP Phone by Yeastar Cloud PBX (Video)

How to Extend Pin List Amount to 1000 or More (Video)

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