How to connect TA FXO gateway with P-series cloud PBX

1. Introduction

The guide shows how to connect the TA FXO gateway and Yeastar P-Series cloud PBX. 

With the connection of TA FXO gateway and P-series cloud PBX, you can achieve:

  • Make outbound calls from Yeastar P-Series cloud PBX via the FXO ports of TA FXO gateway directly.
  • Receive calls from FXO ports of TA FXO gateway at Yeastar P-Series cloud PBX.



Use the firmware version of cloud PBX at least


3. Connect TA FXO gateway and P-series cloud PBX 

3.1  Create an account trunk in P-series cloud PBX

Path: Extension and Trunk>Trunk

  • Select Account Trunk in the Trunk Type


  • Enable the option 'Use User Name as Account Trunk's Authentication Name

  • Save and Apply


3.2  Create an account trunk in TA FXO gateway

Path: Gateway>VoIP Settings>VoIP Trunk>Add VoIP Trunk

  • Select Trunk in the Trunk Type


  • Then fill trunk info from cloud PBX in gateway:

  • Save and Apply changes


4. P-series Cloud PBX Receive Call Through TA FXO gateway  

4.1  Create Port to IP Route In TA FXO Gateway

Path:Gateway>Routes Settings>Port to IP/Port


  • Route Name: give a name for the route, “cloudPBX”.
  • Call Source: choose the Port Line, “Port1--FXO1”.
  • Call Destination: choose the VoIP trunk which is connected to cloud PBX, “SIP Trunk-cloudPBX”.
  • Hotline: set Hotline to 99999, which is the same number with the DID number set on cloud PBX Inbound route.

4.2  Create an Inbound Route on P-Series cloud PBX

Path: Call Control>Inbound Route




  • Route Name: TA-FXO
  • DID Number: 99999. DID number should be same to the Hotline number which you set in TA FXO gateway’s Port to IP route.
  • Selected Trunks: TA-FXO, which is created on P-Series cloud PBX connecting to TA-FXO gateway.
  • Destination: IVR-6200. The call which DID is 99999 will reach the IVR-6200

Note:The call flow is: External number>FXO port>Port to IP route>SIP trunk>Inbound route

So if you have many FXO lines in TA-FXO gateway,you need to set different Port to IP route and corresponding Inbound route based on hotline and DID number.Then the call from different FXO port can be sent to different destinations in cloud PBX.


5. P-series Cloud PBX Call Out Through TA FXO gateway

5.1  Create an Outbound Route on P-Series Cloud PBX



  • Dial Pattern: X.
  • Seleted Trunk:TA-FXO(Account Trunk)
  • Seleted Extension you want

5.2  Create IP to Port Route In TA-FXO Gateway

Path: Gateway>Routes Settings>IP to Port


  • Simple Mode: No
  • Choose “Simple Mode” to “No”, you will see the advanced settings.
  • Call Source: SIP trunk-cloudPBX
  • Call Destination: Port1--FXO1

If you have want different extension in cloud PBX use different FXO port in TA FXO gateway,you can set the dial pattern like this:


  • Set Pattern 5. in outbound route


  • Call Destination:which FXO port or group you want to use
  • DID Number:same as Pattern in Outbound Route of cloud PBX
  • Strip: 1,automatically remove the first digit when calling out

In the rule,if you want to call 123456,you can dial 5123456 from extension in cloud PBX,then will call out via this Call Destination in TA FXO gateway.So when you want use this FXO port or group,you can dial 5 in front of the number to be dialed.If you set two digits in the dial pattern,need to set Strip as 2.

You can set many Outbound routes and corresponding IP to Port route but all the same source Account Trunk from cloud PBX.

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