How to add more destinations based on time condition in inbound route


In some complex case, more time conditions and destinations are required in an inbound route. It is limited to 20 in s-series pbx and 10 in p-series pbx. This article will guide you how to add more time conditions and each associated destination by custom asterisk configurations. Keep in mind it doesn't make it possible to add more time conditions in web interface, instead it fixes other time conditions and corresponding destinations in background by ssh.

Applicable Devices

Model: S-Series IPPBX & P-Series IPPBX

Firmware: Not Required


Refer to below dialplan from your pbx accordingly, you can add more 'GotoIfTime' line to the dialplan, parameter format details in function GotoIfTime() is explained in this wiki

GotoIfTime(<time range>,<days of week>,<days of month>,<months>?context,exten,priority)



1. access ssh of pbx.

2. copy the similar dialplan from your pbx in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and paste to /ysdisk/support/customcfg/extensions_custom.conf.

3. add more time conditions and destinations line accordingly to the proper place like input in above image.

4. create any extension in web interface then delete it again.

5. Test calls.


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