How to add network card for WAN port of P-Series Software Edition in EXSi platform


In general on EXSi platform, there is only one network card assigned to LAN port of each virtual machine, no available network card for WAN port, if your server is available for more network ports and would like to implement dedicated SIP trunk via WAN port of PSE PBX, it has to add new network card for WAN port first in order to connect physical sip trunk.


Applicable Devices

  • K2 System
  • P-Series Software Edition



1. Go to Networking - Virtual switches - Add standard virtual switch to add new switch.

vSwitch Name: Enter any identical name, eg PSE_WAN.

Uplink1: Choose any available physical network card, vmnic1 means second network port on the body of server machine.



2. Go to Networking - Port groups - Add port group to add new port.

Name: Enter any identical name, eg pse-wan.

Virtual switch: Choose the switch which is created in first step.



3. Edit PSE virtual machine to add network adapter and assgin the port that is created in second step.


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    One more thing: 

    If your K2 is running in the EXSI platform, you can add a network card without re-install.

    But if your K2 is running in another platform and you want to reinstall the K2 in the EXSI platform, then please note the SN of the K2, and request the reseller/distributor to get a new activation license. Because the old activation license is bound with the old K2, you can use the old activation license to activate the new K2. 

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