Japan NTT PSTN line-Caller ID issue

This article is a guide to help you set correct settings to resolve the Caller ID can not be detected issue. Only available for FXO module works with Japan NTT PSTN line.


Step1. Increase the Rx Volume for all FXO ports.



Step2. Go to the Advanced and set Caller ID Start to After Polarity, Caller ID Signaling to V23-Japan.



Step3. Go to the General -> Prefences, Set the FXO Mode and Tone Region to Japan.



Step4. Login the SSH with Putty.


Go to Security -> Service, tick Enable SSH and you will find the password.(if it’s already enabled, un-tick it and tick it again to get the password )


Open Putty and input the PBX IP and port 8022, login with username: support, and the password is got from the above step.




Step5. Go to the path /ysdisk/support/tmp/ and create a file named fxo.sh

cd /ysdisk/support/tmp/

vi fxo.sh


Press “i” to the edit mode, and then copy the below to the window, after that press “Esc” to quit to read mode, and press “:” and input “wq” to save and exit.


sleep 90

echo "fxo set timer interval 24" > /proc/module/fxo

echo "fxo set ringing debounce 55" > /proc/module/fxo




Step6. Change the permission of the file fxo.sh

chmod 777 fxo.sh



Step7. Go to the path /ysdisk/support, and add the fxo.sh to the rc_app.sh to make it work after every reboot.

cd /ysdisk/support

vi rc_app.sh



Add the below commands to the rc_app.sh

sh /ysdisk/support/tmp/fxo.sh &



Step.8 Reboot the PBX.

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