Workplace Checklist

This article introduces some common problems and solutions of Workplace.

1.Add Smart Device failed

2.Import of personnel information failed

3.Connect Microsoft 365 account with Yeastar Workplace Failed

4.Sync Schedule From Outlook Failed

5.Receiving Invite E-mail Failed


1.Add Smart Device failed

The most common case is the wrong SN input,all letters are capitalized in SN

Please note that ‘I’(i) and ‘1’(one), ‘O’(o) and ‘0’(zero).


Lora Gateway:

  •  Make sure the Platform Mode is Yeastar Workplace(cloud).


  • When you connect the gateway to your local network,please Enable NAT and make sure this IP can access Internet in your local network.



People Counting Sensor:

  •  Make sure Lora gateway has been added in Workplace

  •  Wait a few minutes when adding for the first time
  •  Access the web page of sensor,check if it is working properly:

    Connect WIFI of this sensor then go to in browser.If you can’t open this web via Google or Edge browser,please use Firefox.

  • If you can see  the footage of the camera in browser but the sensor still can’t be added in Wrokplace,please restart Lora gateway.


When your Display failed to connect with MQTT server like this:


  • Please open these port from 8883,8084 and 443
  • If still issue,please follow the steps:

1) Click the logo continuously to exit the workplace app


2) Long press the app to call out the app information


3) Go to Application Cache Management


4) Empty the application data, empty the application cache


5) Restart the application


6)After restarted,click the ‘Advanced Settings’ then choose the ‘Global Server ‘ or 'Europe Server'(decided by the server you used),then continue  to configure like the first time to add this Display.(Make sure adding it to Room after adding to device list)




2.Import of personnel information failed

When customer want to import the information of their company personnel to workplace,some times the import will fail like this:


The issue caused by the format of Department incorrect,it means User Group in Workplace


If you don’t add user group,the default is your company name.

It’s better to Export the list and add info follow the format in the Export then import it to Workplace.


3.Connect Microsoft 365 account with Yeastar Workplace Failed

When first connecting,some customers will get this notify:


Please make sure two points of Microsoft 365 account:

  • Admin role: Global Administrator


  • Microsoft 365 license: Business or Enterprise assign to this account



4.Sync Schedule From Outlook Failed

  • If you booking the meeting in Calendar of Outlook but it doesn’t sync to Workplace,please check whether you choose this room in here.



  • If you create a meeting in outlook but can't see it in Workplace,please check whether you receive or not the declined e-mail from Microsoft like this:



This is the solution when you receive it:

(1) Login admin account and go to exchange:



(2)Edit Manage settings of the room you want to use. 



(3)Disable these options like this:



5.Receiving Invite E-mail Failed

When you send the invite e-mail to other users.


If they don't receive the invite e-mail,please check all folders in your email account, including trash/junk/spam and any "tabs" (Gmail has the tabs "Primary", "Promotional" and "Social" in the main inbox folder, for example);Have you misspelled your email address?
If not useful:

1)  please add our Sending Email to whitelist of users' emails.

This is the Sending Email:

In Gmail,you can do it like this:

Path:Setting>Filters and blocked addresses>Create a new filter


  • Add our Sending Email in 'From',then click Create filter:


Check the 'Never send it to Spam' and 'Always mark it as important'


Then Create it and send invite e-mail again.If still failed,please contact with us.

2) If you clicked unsubscribe on a previous Yeastar email,it means that you never want to receive an email from us again. If you've changed your mind, please send a message to with the subject "Resubscribe" and we'll follow and help you.



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