How to display the original Caller ID when call forwarding through Sipgate sip trunk

[Issue Description]

When an incoming call to PBX's extension and the extension set call forwarding to an external number, at the external side can't see the original Caller Number. 



Configuration issue



First of all, please contact the SIP provider to get the correct configurations. Then please configure the PBX as below. 

Go to the SIP trunk page->SIP Headers->Outbound Parameters

1. Set the 'From User Part' with 'Trunk Username',

2. Set the 'From Display Name Part' with 'Originator Caller ID Name'

3. Set the 'P-Preferred-Identity' with 'Originator Caller ID'


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    It seems the Sipgate side made some changes, they request the phone number in the p-preferred-identity field format should be 49xxxxxx instead of 0xxxxxx.

    In that case, you can set the “Inbound Caller ID Reformatting” in the SIP trunk as below to solve the issue.


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