Call Issue Between Yeastar Gateway and Yeastar P-Series IPPBX


  • Model: P-Series Cloud PBX, P-Series PBX, PSE, TG, TA, TB, TE
  • Firmware version: Any

Problem Description

When Yeastar Gateway is connected to Yeastar P-Series IPPBX via SIP trunk, gateway sends User Name as authentication information to PBX in INVITE packet, which will cause the call to be failed. Actually 'Authentication Name' is required in the packet. For example, the settings on FXO Gateway are like below screenshot.


In asterisk CLI trace, wrong authenticaiton information '6700' in INVITE packet is sent from Gateway.


Correct one should be represented in below screenshot.




Upgrade gateway accordingly, we share particular beta firmware with regard to this issue for each Yeastar gateway model, please download correct one according to your gateway model and current firmware.

Please kindly notice this authentication issue only happens if gateway is trying to connect with Yeastar P-Series IPPBX, if you are trying to connect with S-Series IPPBX, don't have to update firmware.


TGv3 gateway, firmware version started with 91.X.X.X: Download link

TGv2 gateway, firmware version started with 53.X.X.X: Download link

TG100 gateway, firmware version started with 51.X.X.X: Download link

FXOv2 gateway, firmware version started with 41.X.X.X: Download link

TE200v2 gateway, firmware version started with 17.18.X.X: Download link

TE100v2 gateway, firmware version started with 16.18.X.X: Download link

TBv2 gateway, firmware version started with 18.18.X.X::Download link


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