Troubleshooting - How to Capture SIP Packets via Wireshark or VoIP PBX System | For Beginners (2020)

When there’s something wrong with the SIP terminals (such as IP phones or softphone) and SIP trunks connected to the IPPBX, we’re supposed to capture SIP packets to analyze the issue and figure it out. So one of the startup steps is to capture the SIP packets, right?
Take this simple scenario as an example. The user 1000 is making a call with 1001. We’re going to capture SIP packets transmitted on the Linkus UC softphone and the PBX. And please remember to install the Wireshark software in your PC in advance (where to download it? Plz go to its official website). Therefore, there are two common methods to go with it for beginners.
First method: Use Wireshark 00:36
Second method: Use a tool inbuilt on the PBX 01:53
These two methods can both capture SIP packets of inbound & outbound callings and then it's easy to analyze the packets and solve the problem. If you don’t know how to analyze the packets, please feel free to submit a ticket to contact our technical and support team:
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