Failed to Register an Extension on PBX? 3 Common Causes You Need to Check (2020)


Failed to register an extension on the PBX system really sucks, especially when you are in a rush and waiting to make a call. I believe you’ll delete it, and repeat the registration steps. But you would still fail because you didn’t solve the problem! Under the most common situation, there are three major reasons for the extension registration failure:

1. Incorrect Extension Registration Information & Incorrect Extension Settings 00:48

2. Unreachable Network for SIP clients and PBX 03:04

3. Unavailable SIP Port Forwarding (for Remote Extension) 04:02

Follow our video guide book to troubleshoot the problem by yourself. This guide applies to the local extension, cross-segment network extension, and remote extension. And here are some extra online documents you may need:

Ping IP Address:

SIP Extension Registration Issue:

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