How to Use Virtual Fax with Yeastar PBX

This article will show you how to send and receive a Fax with the fax machine.

As we know, if you want to send a Fax, that we need a fax machine, and if you want to receive a Fax that you also need a Fax machine or use fax to email. The Fax machine that needs an FXS port.

Venta Fax is a software Fax, which can register as Yeastar PBX extension, then send and receive a Fax file. It offers a 1-month free trial.

Step 1: Register it as PBX Extension.


Step 2: Send a Fax, Choose the file it will automatic conversion.


Fill in the called number on the '3' steps the called number need to match PBX outbound call dial pattern.

Step 3: Receive a Fax, It will popup when receiving a call, and you call click the 'auto' to start to receive the Fax file. You can view the Fax during it receiving.


Step 4: Click the Manager label, we can view the Fax that received and sent. 


Note: This software has a month free trial.  Please contact the Venta if you want to active it.


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