Microsoft Teams&Yeastar PBX Integration Solution - FAQ

Integration Framework


Microsoft 365

1. How to solve the failure to subscribe to the MS 365 Admin/other licenses?

Customers can contact Microsoft for technical processing.

Email: Microsoft Support<>

Tel: 800-988-0365


2. During the license purchase process, the billing country is displayed incorrectly and cannot be modified?

The country attribution entered when creating the administrator account cannot be modified. The design of Microsoft products is the same, there are no plans to modify because of the services can be bought in different countries are different. Customers can fill in the country's attribution at will, which does not affect the use of functions. However, when the phone system license is subsequently purchased, the service name may be different depending on the location.

Customer can log in to the MS 365 account first, then log in to this link of Axure, you can see where the account belongs: 


3. Can Call2Teams be used if the Microsoft Phone System license is not activated?

No. The Microsoft user used to integrate with the Call2Teams MUST be assigned the Global Admin access permission and an available Phone System License. Here are the license requirements for Microsoft 365 user:




Microsoft Teams

1. After the connection is completed, the Teams client does not have a dial pad?

Cause1- This Teams user has not been assigned a phone system license yet.

Cause2 - The Teams users have been assigned a phone system license, but Microsoft is still in the process of processing. Usually, the license will take effect within 24 hours.


Yeastar for Microsoft Teams (Call2Teams)

1. Can users who have not purchased the MS phone system use Call2Teams?

No. Currently, all Microsoft team users who want to use Call2Teams need to obtain a phone system add-on license from Microsoft 365.


2. Why Nothing happens when I click "Get it now"?

Caused by a delayed response to cross-domain access to resources. You can change the browser or click a few more times, there will be no response delay problems.



3. I can't search Yeastar for Microsoft Teams(Call2Teams) App by logging in to MS AppSource using MS 365 administrator?

It's a problem of Call2Teams account attribution restrictions. Users can use work/school account to log in to Call2Teams, select any country/region in the list to purchase and activate. After activating, users can directly use the Call2Teams App.



4. After purchasing Call2Teams with an O365 admin account, I cannot find Yeastar for Microsoft Teams App in MS 365 Admin->Billing->License-> Your products?

A: It's the problem of conditional filtering restrictions. O365 Admin user can go to [Billing]->[Your products] and reset the filter conditions as below:

Billing account=All, Account Type filter= All.



5. I want to cancel the subscription of Yeastar for MS Teams after the test. What should I do?

Customers can operate according to the following process: log in to the background of the MS 365 administrator account, go to [Billing]->[Subscriptions]->[Yeastar for MS teams]-> cancel the subscription.

If there is no option to cancel, please contact our Pre-Sales for assistance.


6. Why the User registration status shows "Red" on the Call2Teams side?

The common causes:

  • This Teams user has not been assigned a Phone System License yet. If it is activated now, it will generally take effect within 24 hours.
  • Check if the extension registration information is consistent with that provided by PBX.
  • SIP proxy port 5050/5061 may be restricted by the PBX, you can map to other available UDP ports. 
  • PBX may have a national defense, you need to add the domain name of Call2Teams  and all the dynamic IP addresses it resolved into the PBX whitelist. 




7. Click "one-click" to indicate that the synchronization is not successful? Domain Activation Manual Intervention Is Required.



This is because an O365 user logging into Call2Teams has not been assigned a Phone System license, and as required by the Teams OneClick setup, the user needs a spare user license to allow the Call2Teams user's DNS entry to be configured automatically.
If this operation is not available, the installation process will not complete, and after the installation and synchronization have completed successfully, the excess licenses can be removed.

The simplest way to resolve this issue to provide an unallocated user license on the Microsoft 365 account and run Sync Now again.

Another way is to unbundle the Phone System license with your User, and then re-click synchronization for Call2Teams to create a virtual docking User.
After the synchronization is completed, the user logs in to the O365 page to reassign and bind the user's Phone system.
If the reassignment fails, the customer is advised to contact the Microsoft TS team to deal with it.


Yeastar IPPBX

1. Can Teams user bind with an IP phone or Linkus?

Yes, you need to register the same extension number on the IP phone or Linkus terminal.


2. Will the Teams user client and extension (IP phone, Linkus, softphone) ring at the same time after integration?

Yes, the Teams user client acts as a "SIP phone". The ringing sequence of the client is mainly based on the ringing strategy of the extension page. If the ringing strategy of the same extension is ringing at the same time, when the extension receives a call, these terminals will ring at the same time.


3. Can the extension of PBX dial the Team users who are not integrated via Call2Teams?

No, only the integrated Teams user can interact with the PBX extension and enjoy the functions of the PBX.


4. Is the integrated solution of Yeastar for Microsoft Teams applicable to the whole world?

Yes, it is a cloud service.


5. How does the Yeastar solution achieve the binding of Teams user and PBX extension?

The Yeastar program uses Microsoft's official direct routing. Connect the Teams user by SBC which is certified by Microsoft, and SBC registers to the extension on the corresponding extension of PBX to realize the binding of extension and the Teams user. The effect achieved can be seen as an extension of the team user registered as a PBX. 


6. Has the SBC been used in this Microsoft Teams&Yeastar PBX Integration Solution?

Yes, Call2Teams uses a SBC Audiocodes certified by Microsoft. Call2Teams is integrator. 


7. When preparing the integration environment, does Yeastar IP PBX need to map the internal UDP port and private network address to the Internet? How can security be guaranteed?

It's not required for Cloud PBX.

But it's essential for S-series or K2 IPPBX. If you are worried about security issues, you can enable the PBX firewall, then add the SBC domain address, and the dynamic IP addresses it produced into PBX's whitelist. 




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