Failed to Scan Phones IP or MAC Address


  • Model: S-Series, K2
  • Firmware version: any



Failed to scan the IP phone, leads to failure to show the IP phone's IP address or MAC.


Firstly, you might learn the scanning feature is based on the ARP message.

There are 2 modes of scan: Active mode and Passive mode.

Active Mode

When you click the scan button (active mode) or open Auto Provisioning, PBX would send the ARP broadcast query once. 

If the IP phone responds by ARP message, PBX would show the IP on the menu. If not respond, PBX would not show the IP or even doesn't show the MAC.

There are several causes:

  • PBX doesn't receive the ARP response message due to unstable network reasons. 
  • IP Phone is in the same subnet of PBX LAN IP address.
  • The IP phone is still in the booting process.


Passive Mode

In passive mode, if PBX receives ARP message from IP phone. PBX would update the database in the background. Then when you refresh the page or switch the tabs on the Auto Provisioning menu, the data change would be sync on the web.

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